Affidavit Constuption on the Premises – Food/Alcohol Ration Calculation Documents

On or before the 25th of each month each holder of a retail license to sell by drink for Consumption on the Premises shall furnish to the City of Dahlonega, a monthly affidavit for the preceding month (the month prior to the month in which the affidavit is filed) which shall use Gross Purchases for the wholesale price that the Licensee paid for purchase of alcoholic beverages to calculate the ratio of food to alcoholic beverages purchased by the Licensee’s establishment. The Licensee is required to maintain a ratio of 50 % or greater of Gross Purchases of wholesale food to wholesale alcohol purchases. Via the same affidavit, the Licensee is also required to show that its primary sales (50% or more) are derived from the sale of food items (meals) prepared on the Premises of the Licensee. And attached to this affidavit shall be a copy of the Georgia Sales and Use report for the same period