City of Dahlonega Application for Alcohol Beverage License Documents

Please fill out this application completely with the answers typed or printed. If the space provided on the form is not sufficient, answer on a separate sheet of paper and indicate in the space provided, that additional sheet/s is/are attached to the application. When completed that application must be signed and verified, under oath, by the applicant, and submitted to the Dahlonega City Council Members, together with the license fee(s), administrative/background fees and photographs of all four sides of the building where the establishment will be located. All fees are payable to the City of Dahlonega in the form of certified funds (bank certified check, money order, cash or credit card) No license will be issued to establishments that are owned or managed by person/s under 21 years of age.

NOTICE: Any false answer to any question on this application could result in the denial of a license, or in the event a license is issued, revocation or suspension of the license.